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VigRX Plus® Ingredients (Supplement Facts)


Epimedium Leaf Extract Leaf Extract


Recent reports surrounding Epimedium and it’s active component “icarriin” possess resulted in researchers saying it can be the future Viagra. (Resource: J. Nat. Prod., 2008, 71 (9), pp 1513-15)

For the reason that, just like Viagra, Epimedium provides a powerful PDE-5 inhibitor, growing nitric oxide ranges and also relaxing the smooth muscle mass of the corpus cavernosum and its related arterioles. That contains the result of growing blood circulation to the penile, which in turn leads to a bigger harder erection.

Known all through Asia while “Horny Goat Weed,” Epimedium was used for many years as a sex drive increaser. Story has it this it had been 1st uncovered when a Chinese goat herder discovered the improved sexual desire and copulating actions of his herd after enjoying the flowering plant.

Currently, research is showing there in fact is something to the testimonies around this famous aphrodisiac.



Also known as Turnera Aphrodisiaca. Damiana was used by males as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years, since the period of the Mayans, getting a reputation for increasing staying power, enhancing penile erection quality, and stimulating more serious, as well as fulfilling male orgasms.

Now, many studies on mice are starting to support what the native people of Central and South America have got known for centuries:

Damiana is indeed, associated with increased interest inside sexual practice and also lovemaking actions. In mice, a dose-dependent improvement in mounting actions had been discovered. That means, the greater damiana they took, the greater their sex actions improved. (Source: International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Study 2009; 1(1): 1-4)

One more most recent research of Damiana on people guys battling with diabetic issues demonstrated that it had been successful with fixing erection problems while used in mixture using Vitamin B6. (Resource: US Patent #5523087)

Ginkgo Biloba


Most folks connect Ginkgo Leaf with mental clarity, enhanced memory, and focus. Nevertheless, a lot more than Three hundred studies have already been done on Gingko Biloba, with lots of suggesting that it may have a considerable and also positive influence on sexual perform, as well.

For instance, an open trial of Gingko Biloba run by the University of California at San Francisco found it to be 84% effective in dealing with anti-depressant associated erectile dysfunction. It said that Gingko Biloba typically enhanced all 4 stages of sexual response including (1) desire, (2) excitement, (3) male orgasms, along with (4) afterglow. (Source: Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy; 1998, Vol 24: 139-143)

It has also been extensively recorded in a variety of professional medical publications that Gingko Biloba enhances microvascular circulation (i.e. blood circulation to small blood vessels and capillaries), possibly increasing erections.

Also it might help to relax muscle tissue of the Corpus Cavernosum via its effects on the nitric oxide pathways. Again, leading to improved blood circulation to the manhood tissues for more powerful, harder erection strength.

Asian Red Ginseng


A research by the Department of Urology at the University of Ulsan College of Medicine (published in 2002) researched the effectiveness of Korean Red Ginseng for the treatment of males with erection dysfunction.

Numerous studies are already completed on research laboratory animals (rats, rabbits, etc.) showing the potential success of Asian Red Ginseng for increasing lovemaking perform.

However this research was done on males, not animals, which makes it especially relevant.

Final results demonstrated that the erectile function scores of guys who have been treated with the actual ginseng were considerably greater than those who received the placebo – especially, scores of questions of penile erection penetration and maintenance, in addition to penile hardness, have been a lot higher than the placebo group.

Overall, 60% of patients who took part in observed a marked improvement within their erection strength using Korean Red Ginseng.

Panax Ginseng has been utilized in traditional Chinese medicine for millennia as an aphrodisiac, famous for enhancing lovemaking function, stamina, and strength.

Other research has observed that it could boost nitric oxide synthesis within the corpus cavernosum – once again, improving blood circulation towards the manhood tissue and leading to stronger erection strength.

Saw Palmetto Berry


Saw Palmetto Berries have long kept a reputation as sex-related stimulants and also libido enhancers.

Research released in JAMA indicated that Saw Palmetto Extract works well for the treatment of males with symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia. It has also been proved to be good for dealing with problems related to benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH).

Saw Palmetto extract activly works to avoid testosterone from transforming into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the hormone thought to trigger prostrate cells in order to multiply which results in an bigger prostate.

Saw Palmetto operates by calming smooth muscle tissues, leading to enhanced the flow of blood to the penile. Also, it prevents androgen and estrogen receptor activity and may even be advantageous for both genders in managing the hormones.

Due to its hormonal outcomes, Saw Palmetto helps with controlling the thyroid and also the associated activity of sex-related organs. It is presently widely used through the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany for healthful purpose of the prostate and urinary system.

Saw Palmetto is among the several herbal remedies which are regarded as anabolic — strengthening and also constructing body tissues.

Muira Pauma Bark Extract 


Muira Puama has long kept a title as an aphrodisiac along with tonic for the treatment of impotence and lack of sexual drive, in the South America as well as Europe. It’s placed in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia as a treatment for dysentery and erectile dysfunction.

Even so, latest clinical tests with humans have got created medical proof which support its reputation for enhancing man lovemaking function.

In a study by Dr. Jacques Waynberg at the Institute of Sexology in Paris, a total of 262 males struggling with insufficient sexual interest and/or erectile difficulties have been treated every day with Muira Puama extract.

After fourteen days, 51% of those suffering with erection issues reported an important enhancement, while 62% of those who reported a lack of sexual interest reported a “dynamic” impact on their own sexual libido.

One more research done by Dr. Waynberg with 100 men concentrating on the same complaints regarding bad sex-related function and also insufficient desire created equivalent final results.

Of the individuals treated with Muira Puama, 66% noted an increased frequency of sexual intercourse! And 70% reported an overall boost in their own desire for sex.

Catuba Bark Extract


The catuaba tree grows within the Brazilian Amazon forest, and for ages, it's bark has been employed simply by tribal men like a sexual libido booster.

At first, it is noted to improve the regularity of sexual dreams you have, accompanied by a lift in desire for sex.

It is shown to perform simply by dilating blood vessels to raise blood circulation in the genital areas, while working like a nerve stimulate. Also, it has a powerful reputation as an energy booster, reducing exhaustion and also enhancing general virility and performance.

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