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Introducing a cost-effective male fertility advancement!

VigRX Fertility Factor 5

At last, a natural and simple method to enhance male fertility in ONLY 3 MONTHS!

  • Raise Sperm Numbers (count)
  • Better Sperm Form (morphology)
  • Elevate Sperm Movement (motility)
  • Boost Semen Amount
  • Enhance Male Reproductive Health
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Promising Studies Bring Hope to Couples Looking to Start a Family

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If you're struggling to start a family due to male-related fertility challenges…

Meaning, issues like low sperm count, irregular shape, and poor movement are holding you back…

You might want to look into these findings from the respected Asian Journal of Andrology detailing a pivotal study:

“…patients showed significant improvement in all semen parameters.”

“There were statistically significant improvements in sperm concentration and sperm morphology…”

“…spontaneous pregnancies were achieved…”

Impressive, right?

Natural pregnancies occurred!

What's even more astounding is that these outcomes were observed in men who had fertility problems.

This study assisted these men in bettering their sperm density, form, and movement without resorting to costly or aggressive treatments.

On the contrary, these positive outcomes came from a unique, all-natural innovation.

This revolutionary solution is a vital component of the Fertility Factor 5® blend.

Fertility Factor 5® Advanced Male Fertility Blend

Components Supported by Research & Proven Test Outcomes

You'll quickly realize that Fertility Factor 5® isn't just an exaggerated, costly multivitamin.

We haven't just thrown together a mix of ingredients for show.

We chose the components for Fertility Factor 5® based on three key factors:

  • Thoroughly studied by health experts
  • Safe without harmful side effects
  • Clinically shown to support male fertility

Our research group thoroughly examined information from numerous medical studies and trials about various nutrients.

After a comprehensive search, we identified five key ingredients ideal for the Fertility Factor 5® advanced fertility blend.

We picked these five specific ingredients due to their combined impact, enhancing their overall effectiveness.

Among the standout trials we came across was one centered on a unique patented substance named LJ100.

LJ100 was created by the well-known Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Interestingly, a recent study revealed that in just 3 months, LJ100 enhanced sperm metrics for every participant.


This indicates that within a mere 3 months, LJ100 assisted men facing male fertility challenges:

  • Boost sperm numbers
  • Enhance sperm form & movement
  • Elevate the amount of semen and…


During this study, natural pregnancies also took place!

These remarkable outcomes were for couples who had been attempting to start a family for roughly five years.

Yet, before we delve further into the specifics of this impactful study, let's explore why LJ100 is so vital for male reproductive health…

Did the Renowned Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Create a Natural Advancement in Male Fertility?

Yes, they did.

MIT is renowned for its cutting-edge scientific and tech achievements.

One such achievement by its researchers was deriving an extract from a traditional Malaysian plant's roots, leading to the creation of a potent male fertility enhancer named LJ100.

LJ100 is a distinctive, patented version of Eurycoma Longifolia, commonly referred to as Tongkat Ali.

For ages, Tongkat Ali has been utilized to boost sexual performance and enhance libido, even among older individuals.

What sets LJ100 apart is the innovative extraction method crafted by MIT experts to maximize the benefits of Tongkat Ali. This technique elevates ordinary Tongkat Ali into the super-effective, fertility-enhancing version called LJ100.

But that's not all…

Scientists were curious to see if LJ100 could aid men facing fertility challenges (like low count, irregular shape, and limited movement).

The outcomes of this study are truly remarkable…

Groundbreaking Clinical Trial with LJ100

100% of users saw semen parameters improve significantly.

Couples facing issues with low sperm count and poor sperm quality are eager to find out if there's a natural way to enhance their fertility.

However, once they receive this tough news, many are left without answers or clear options, adding to their frustration and confusion.

This is what makes the outcomes from this clinical trial so remarkable.

It's because every single participant saw betterment in their semen measures:

  • Increased number of sperm (population)
  • Improved form of sperm (morphology)
  • Enhanced movement of sperm (motility)
  • Greater amount of semen

And they reached these improvements naturally, all within a span of 3 months!

Here's everything you need to understand…

The research included 75 men dealing with fertility problems (such as a low sperm count, subpar sperm shape, and motility)

Each one had been advised by fertility doctors that conceiving naturally was highly unlikely, leaving them with the prospect of costly artificial interventions as their only chance to have a child.

On average, these men had been unsuccessful in their attempts to have a child for over five years.

A detailed semen analysis was conducted at the study's outset.

Following this, the men received a daily dosage of 200mg of LJ100 – the potent, patented compound created by experts at MIT.

Three months later, a second semen analysis was done to gauge any changes.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary…

Incredibly, every participant experienced better semen quality.

The men, who were previously told by fertility experts that they had little to no chance, witnessed remarkable improvements in their sperm count, shape, and motility.

What's more, within just three months of the trial, six couples managed to conceive!

This is a testament to the crucial role of LJ100 in the groundbreaking FF5 formula.

Yet, the positive outcomes extended even further.

The trial went on…

…and five additional couples experienced natural pregnancies after six months of taking LJ100.

In total, eleven couples conceived within half a year of daily LJ100 intake!

And here's another intriguing fact…

Before this research, these couples were turned away from receiving Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) due to the men’s poor semen quality. However, after consistent use of LJ100, all the participants showed such significant improvements in their semen that 60% were able to undergo IUI successfully!


Quite remarkable, isn't it?

Understandably, when our researchers at Leading Edge Health came across these findings, we were convinced that LJ100 was essential for inclusion in Fertility Factor 5®.

So, we incorporated the same dosage of LJ100 used in the study along with four other scientifically supported ingredients for enhancing male fertility.


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A Natural, Affordable Solution to Enhance Sperm Count, Form, and Quality Within 3 Months!

Numerous couples dealing with male fertility issues face a bleak outlook.

Medical professionals and fertility experts often inform them that they can't conceive naturally and that their only option is pricey medical interventions.

However, these methods can be quite intrusive. There's no certainty of success. Some fertility treatments, as even the specialists acknowledge, have at best a 50% chance of success.

And the cost? It's incredibly high…

An amount that is beyond the reach of many couples.

Countless couples have poured tens of thousands into these treatments, often to no avail.

That's where the uniqueness of Fertility Factor 5® comes in.

When issues like a low sperm count, subpar shape, and sluggish motility stand in the way of your family goals, many would go to great lengths to turn things around.

Thankfully, Fertility Factor 5® offers a chance to boost those vital semen measures affordably.

Every component of Fertility Factor 5®’s groundbreaking blend has been selected for its fertility-enhancing benefits.

And one key ingredient, LJ100 – a patented extract devised by MIT researchers and included in Fertility Factor 5® – has been clinically verified to elevate semen quality in every participant within three months.

Regularly using Fertility Factor 5® could lead to significant improvements in sperm count, structure, and motility.

Struggling with Low Sperm Quality? What You Can Do Now

Confronted with the harsh reality of male fertility challenges, many couples find themselves at a loss, uncertain of how to proceed.

It can be an incredibly distressing experience, especially when guidance from medical professionals seems scarce.

Now, these couples must navigate tough choices, weighing their options with heavy hearts.

This is precisely why we've streamlined the decision to choose Fertility Factor 5.

Fertility Factor 5® offers a gentle, natural, and affordable approach to enhancing male fertility.

Results could be noticeable in as little as 3 months.

So, let's break down the 3 easy steps that will allow you to start reaping the benefits of Fertility Factor 5® immediately:

Step 1: Select your quantity

It's a good idea to begin with a supply that lasts for three months or longer.

That way, you'll not only save money but also give LJ100, the tested and patented ingredient in Fertility Factor 5®, sufficient time to work. It's been demonstrated to enhance semen quality within this period.

Ensuring you have a three-month stock at the very least allows your sperm to fully grow and gain from the formula of Fertility Factor 5®.

Step 2: Begin usage without delay

Start using Fertility Factor 5® as soon as it's delivered. Note down the date you started.

When it's time for your following Semen Analysis, you'll be able to pinpoint when you began the supplement.

It's best to get your Semen Analysis done after you've been on Fertility Factor 5® for a minimum of three months.

normal sperm count
Normal sperm count
Total sperm count >=39*106 Spermatozoa/Ejaculate
Low sperm count
Total sperm count <=39*106 Spermatozoa/Ejaculate

Step 3: Observe the changes

In three months' time, your subsequent Semen Analysis should show significant improvements.

You'll be able to compare these results to the ones before you began with Fertility Factor 5®.

And when you observe that your sperm count is up…

When you notice the enhanced shape and motility…

You'll likely decide to continue with Fertility Factor 5® until you achieve your desired outcome.

So, make sure to secure at least a three-month supply of Fertility Factor 5® without delay.

But there's more to be said about the unique advantages of the Fertility Factor 5® formula.

It's not just about better sperm quality; there's more to the story…

Is Fertility Factor 5® Effective for Additional Male Fertility Concerns?

It may be surprising, but low sperm quality isn't the only hurdle men face when it comes to fertility.

A significant concern is a decrease in sexual desire.

Sadly, a lot of men facing infertility also experience a significant dip in their libido.

Research indicates that as many as 68% of men with subpar sperm measures may also suffer from low sex drive. CLICK TO SEE THE RESEARCH.

The challenge of trying and failing to conceive can create immense pressure, often leading to a dwindling libido over time.

This distressing cycle can make it incredibly tough for men to feel inclined towards intimacy.

That's why a robust and vigorous sex drive is essential for a couple wishing to conceive.

Fortunately, Fertility Factor 5® is designed to provide assistance in this area

However, it's not just a low sex drive that poses a hurdle for couples trying to conceive.

It's also essential to have all parts of sexual health in good working order.

If things aren't functioning as needed in the bedroom, the likelihood of natural conception can drop significantly.

Many men find it embarrassing to discuss problems with achieving or keeping an erection.

Yet, when we created Fertility Factor 5®, we made sure to address these concerns.

Fertility Factor 5® offers a natural alternative for men looking to boost their fertility, even for those facing challenges with desire and performance.

How Fertility Factor 5® Formula Helps with Other Male Factor Issues

The remarkable effects of LJ100 on boosting sperm count, movement, and form have already been demonstrated.

Just as impressive is that within three months, every participant experienced improvements in these critical areas.

What's more, this potent ingredient in Fertility Factor 5® doesn't just stop at enhancing sperm health; it also promotes a healthy sex drive and better sexual performance.

The impact of fertility struggles on a couple's intimacy is profound.

What was once an act of love becomes a mechanical process, devoid of excitement and intimacy.

For men facing fertility issues, there's often an internal battle with feelings of inadequacy, which can lead to a diminished sex drive and impaired sexual function.

However, LJ100 offers a glimmer of hope through scientific research.

In a 12-week controlled study, 26 men grappling with erectile challenges received either 200mg of LJ100 or a placebo.

The study was rigorous, with a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled design.

Participants underwent a series of four sexual health surveys, both before the study began and after its conclusion, to assess aspects of their sexual health, from erection quality to libido and overall sexual satisfaction.

Now, let's look at what they discovered…

After the 12-week period, those who had received the placebo didn't experience any notable changes – as expected.

However, the men who took LJ100 experienced significant enhancements in their sexual health, as evidenced by their higher scores on four different sexual health evaluations. They reported an increase in sexual desire and an improvement in sexual function.

Each serving of Fertility Factor 5® delivers the same amount of LJ100 that was used in the clinical trials.

And there's more to the story…

Fertility Factor 5®'s cutting-edge formula also includes Panax Ginseng, known for boosting libido and sexual performance, and potentially aiding in sperm development.

A comprehensive review in 2013 by the esteemed 'Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine' journal highlighted that Panax Ginseng might contribute to:

  • Enhance intimate performance (including the quality of erections)
  • Boost your desire for sexual activity
  • Raise sperm numbers
  • Encourage the active movement of sperm
  • And offer additional advantages for reproductive wellness!

Better Sperm Quality, Increased Sexual Desire, and Enhanced Sexual Performance

Fertility Factor 5 brings to you a cutting-edge, evidence-based solution for male fertility.

This innovative blend consists of five key ingredients, each chosen for their proven effectiveness as shown in clinical trials and research.

You're already aware of LJ100, the patented extract formulated by MIT scientists that boosts sperm count, structure, and activity.

Then there's Panax Ginseng, an ancient Chinese medicinal root known for enhancing male reproductive health and fertility.

Additionally, FF5 incorporates two essential nutrients that are vital for reproductive wellness:

Zinc & Selenium.

Scientists have found a remarkable connection between male fertility problems and nutrient deficiencies.

Research indicates that men facing fertility challenges often have insufficient zinc or selenium, while those with strong fertility typically have higher quantities of these minerals.

This isn't surprising, considering zinc and selenium are essential for the male reproductive system and particularly crucial in sperm formation.

For this reason, FF5’s unique formula includes a clinically validated amount of both zinc and selenium.

FF5 delivers a potent combination of LJ100, Panax Ginseng, Zinc, and Selenium, all aimed at aiding:

  • Boost the number of sperm
  • Enhance the movement of sperm
  • Refine the structure of sperm
  • Boost the amount of semen
  • Elevate sexual desire
  • Bolster sexual performance
  • Nurture male reproductive health

We aimed to enhance the remarkable fertility-enhancing properties of FF5 even further!

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BioPerine Amplifies the Effectiveness of FF5's Mix for Enhanced Fertility Benefits

The final component in Fertility Factor 5®'s advanced formula is BioPerine, an extract from black pepper that's backed by clinical studies for its ability to enhance the absorption of natural supplements.

Essentially, BioPerine boosts the impact of FF5's fertility-enhancing ingredients! It achieves this by ensuring your body can make better use of each nutrient, potentially amplifying their effects.

Plus, clinical research confirms BioPerine's effectiveness and safety for use.

Black Pepper

100% Satisfaction 

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